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Board Member Spotlight

Name: Jim Plank

Board Chair: Certification Director

SHRM Member:  12 Years

Employer: COO for Community Bridges, Ruston, LA

1.      Involvement with SHRM started when a former employer suggested that I pursue certification.  That led to a SPHR certification well before SHRM introduced its own certification. 

2.     I have only been serving on the board for a short period of time, but look forward to establishing relationships and contributing to the enhancement of the HR community through the certification process. 

3.     I have been blessed to travel to a number of places outside of our country.  However, if I were to plan a vacation anywhere in the world, I would choose to go where I have never been, the Holy Land in Israel. 

4.     I would just advise anyone considering serving on the board to just do it.  Connecting and making your contribution will give you a great deal of satisfaction and will likely benefit others. 

5.     The question is asked to identify my greatest fear.  I do not really have a significant fear.  I do get anxious about the state of our country, but as a result of being spiritually secure, I do not fear.    

6.     My working career will likely end in the next few years.  However, if I were not in HR and Business Management, I would probably choose to teach or instruct more than I do now.

7.     I do not play the lottery, but if I were to somehow win, I would donate a portion to my church and other worthy causes. 

8.     My favorite hobby is actually a requirement of home ownership and this is the upkeep of the yard. 

9.     The biggest thing that I have recently learned about HR is how quickly guidelines and regulations change with the introduction of different political administrations in our state and country. 

10.  My favorite food is crawfish etouffee. 

Refamiliarize Returning Employees with Professional Expectations

Advance Child Tax Credit

This IRS link has a lot of detail related to the credit - 2021 Child Tax Credit and Advance Child Tax Credit Payments Frequently Asked Questions | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov) 

Also, the IRS has a tool dedicated to the Advance Child Tax Credit Payments that can be found here - Child Tax Credit Non-filer Sign-up Tool | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)

Employers Contend with Conflicts Over Masks, Vaccinations
Emphasize the importance of respecting co-workers' views
While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance on masks may result in more COVID-19 vaccinations and ease the return to the workplace, employees who oppose vaccinations may be frustrated by rules that still require them to wear masks. This frustration is one of several contributing to workplace tensions caused by the pandemic.

Visit SHRM’s COVID-19 Vaccination Resource Hub Page for the latest news, policies and guidance on vaccines and the workplace.

No-Mask Mandates Come with Risks
Respect each individual's decision
Employers may want vaccinated employees to remove their face masks while working, especially in customer-facing jobs, but should think twice before requiring employees to work without masks. 

Rewarding New and Current Employees Who Leave Remote Work Behind
What would it take to persuade employees to return to a physical workplace? A vacation in Barbados? A $30,000 raise? As the economy recovers and employers hire more workers, HR departments must weigh which benefits would attract the best candidates while also keeping their current employees happy.

New ACA, HDHP, and HSA Limits

Recently, Health & Human Services and the Internal Revenue Service issued the 2022 ACA out-of-pocket maximums and HDHP and HSA limits.  See the below chart for the new limits.




ACA Maximum Out of Pockets

  • Self-only coverage



  • Other than self-only coverage



HDHP Minimum Deductible

  • Self-only coverage



  • Other than self-only coverage



HDHP Maximum Out-of-Pocket

  • Self-only coverage



  • Other than self-only coverage



HSA Contribution Maximum

  • Self-only coverage



  • Other than self-only coverage



  • Catch-up Contribution (55+)



Please see HHS Finalizes ACA Cost-Sharing Limits for 2022 and IRS Releases 2022 HSA Values for more details, including our estimated ACA Employer Mandate penalties for 2022.  These articles will be included in the May 25 Directions Newsletter.

Form I-9 Remote Review Extended Through Summer 2021
An interim policy allowing employers to inspect Form I-9 documents virtually has been extended through Aug. 31.

COVID Vaccination Resources

Vaccinations will be administered to individuals who meet the current eligibility criteria.  Enrolled providers, pharmacies, and community events are administering COVID-19 vaccinations by appointments only. 

Vaccines currently being administered are from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.  Pfizer and Moderna are two dose vaccines while Johnson & Johnson is one dose.  All three vaccines have been authorized for emergency use by the FDA and are safe and effective.

COVID-19 Vaccine Locations | Department of Health | State of Louisiana (la.gov)


Completing and maintaining Form I-9s on all employees shows the good faith effort of the employer in establishing their employees are legally authorized to work in the United States. This resource center provides the tools and information to avoid improperly completed, updated or retained forms, which can jeopardize the success of a ICE audit.

I-9 Compliance (shrm.org)