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June 1st, 2020

Hello members! I pray everyone has been safe and stress free during this pandemic. The last several weeks have been quite a change for many of us. Some of us have been without work or working less hours. Some of us have transformed our kitchens into classrooms and offices. These unprecedented times have forced us to be innovative, to rethink how we manage our day to day activities and engage with our employees. Somehow, we have managed to get through these tough times TOGETHER. A special thank you to Gallagher for all the information they have flooded us with.

Now it is time to begin picking up the pieces and return to a sense of normalcy. We all are uncertain what normalcy will mean. Trust that we will continue to pass along all pertinent information from SHRM and other reliable sources to help. I encourage all of you to visit SHRM’s website regularly for updated information. I ask that we continue to be available for one another, kind and courteous to one another, as well as understanding and compassionate. The storm is not over just yet. Remember to check on one another regularly and ensure we all are ok. Isolation tends to have a negative effect on some. The soothing voice from a friend does wonders! This pandemic may be the most challenging event to cross our career paths and when we look back, we will be able to say we were #alonetogether.   

NELA SHRM is preparing webinars to begin delivering to you all during our remaining time of social distancing. We are continuing to accept topic ideas and/or requests for presenters in which you have enjoyed in the past. You may send any and all information to nelashrmhr@gmail.com

Lastly, just a reminder that SHRM has amended the testing dates for the 2020 Spring certification testing window. The new dates are June 1st – August 15th.  For additional information, please visit SHRM CERTIFICATION 

 ~ Anetra Robinson-Howard, President

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Industry News

As COVID-19 continues to spread, many organizations are developing or adapting their response to pandemic-related workforce issues. A short survey was conducted and has provided insights into the planned response of organizations across the globe.

Check out the live results https://gbsviewpoints.co1.qualtrics.com/WRReport/?RPID=RP2_PPAmngae2QgThE4&P=CP!

Thank you and I hope everyone remains healthy during this time.

If you missed the Zoom meeting on the Paycheck Protection Plan, the Family Medical Leave Act and the Payroll tax Credit, you can watch it now at the url below. Also attached are three files. Two Power Points and a sample PPP SBA loan outline.
The on demand webinar url is:

Paycheck Protection Program Presentation
Copy of SBA Loan Worksheet

We appreciate Chris Scribner, SVP, Head of Public Policy and Corporate Affairs with Regions Bank, Kevin Smith, Senior Vice President and Market Executive for Regions Bank, Jerry L. Stovall, Jr. with Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP, Tim Green, CPA & Partner with Allen, Green and Williamson. Special thanks to Aimee Buchanan, CPA & Partner with Allen Green and Williamson and Kim Smith, Computer Specialist with Active Tech Monroe.

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FMLA- SHRM (003).pdf


I9 purpose and completion - SHRM (003).pdf

FMLA Employer Checklist.pdf

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